Re: Another eBay price record?


Don't beleive it ! I've got the whole nice working HP33E kit for under $40 few weeks ago.


No coment :-)



Just place your comment.. you are allowed to do.. Last HePaX (boxed) was sold last year for arround $680 (I think texaspro has it).. So it's getting cheaper..
But: If you think I pay prices that are to high: Why don't you sell me your stuff? I want do get a big collection..



Life is not fair, for what I have for sale, I am sure you would not be want.

What you have bought, I would want, but cannot afford.

Enjoy your purchase.

My enjoyment is only vicarious.


My dear friend Matthias:
Don´t worry be happy.

I said NO Coment, this means: NO Coment.
If you understand more than this two words is your problem.

I will not judge you or the other people who buys modules or other items like empty boxes for much money. I am not Judge.
I think everybody is free to spent his money freely. I make also not judgements if anybody buys a Ferrari.

However I can not avoid to astonish when I see some things. Is not Judge, the word is astonishment.
Other beautiful word used in this bids is "Fair price". The price is relative 10 persons will have 10 different fair prices. The word "fair" :-) make me laugh. People can use other words: "caprice", "desire", "wish",...

Sell my Stuff?: I don´t understand. I´m happy with my stuff. I dont need to sell anything. But if you like I can swap ;-)

Mattias, remember my initial words. There was nothing more.



Last HEPAX last year was bought by me (I beat Matthias for about 10 minutes :-) by $560. So the price keeps going up, or so it seems...

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