The other eBay price records...


OK. I don´t like to read this records because is so..
There is people with much money (or without responsabilities like family, without mortage, ...) that can pay much money for a box with 30 keys and few chips inside.

I also have my own collection/museum, but I don´t like to pay so much money.

I whould see here THE OTHER EBAY RECORDS, like this:

These are really records but I have my own record:
2 HP-97, 1 HP-67 with cover and 40 magnetic cards, 1 HP-45, 3 adapters. All for 8 Euro

I like the HP-25, HP-25C, but I'm still waiting because I will pay less than 25 Euro.



Hi all,

sorry to disappoint you, but this deal didn't come through. I was the winner of this auction. The seller (although not new to Ebay) in some way confused the "Buy now" option with the "Start price". He wrote me an email, apologized, and even offered a few Euros for compensation. For me the apology was sufficient because it was obvious that this was a mistake.

But: I once got a like new HP-48GX or SX (I can't remember) for 2 Euros on Ebay ...


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