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Hi. About three years ago I bought a 41-CV from a friend of mine. The unit was not in good shape. I re-soldered one of the battery springs and cleaned the corrosion from the inside battery terminals and it worked fine for three years. Now, it has conked out and will not turn on. I tried another battery holder; it's not that. Is there anyone who feels qualified and is willing to repair this unit for me for a reasonable fee? I would like for the candidate to be someone who is a regular poster. There seems to be a number of knowledgeable people out there. I'm afraid if I rip into it, never having gone that far with one, I will ruin it forever. Heaven forbid, right? Let me know. Jim Kimes



I am almost sure you'll find someone closer to you than I am, but have you been in trouble enough and want to give it a try, contact me and I'll even try to guide anyone you feel confident enough to open the calculator in your own citty (town?). Do you know any electronic technician close to you that is skilled and trusteable enough to deserve a try-out?

Let me (us) know. It's not that hard for an average technician with precise, specific guidance. Anyway, if anyone alse offers to do the job and you believe it's better, go for it. I just gave a sugestion, I am a lot more interested on having your calculator in good shape.



It sounds as though the corrosion that was on the battery contact points might have caused a loss of continuity by deposits or by eroding the copper contact strip on the module bar. This was my problem as well. The dissassembly of the calculator and reassembly is not the difficult part. The real trick is finding the battery contact/module bar to replace the failed part. They are few and far between.

Another issue that I found when I took mine apart was that the corrosion had leaked down onto the PCB. Although it did no damage to the circuits, it left deposits and could have caused a short. I used the process I always use when cleaning a cell phone or calculator to remove deposits. Toothbrush, alcohol, and WD-40 used properly followed by a proper drying period seemed to work well.

Anytime you open a case you are also liable to find cracked posts, detached/failed screw bosses, and age-embrittled parts. Good luck with your repair.

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