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i stopped in a computer store today. they had new indonesian hp 20's in a plastic packages for $19 & 39's for $29. there were 12c's mounted on cardboard for $35. no manuals came with any of them. i asked the owner and he said that he got them from hp, they were for in warranty replacement. i guess carly's new improved hp doesn't do that any more. i didn't even ask about 32's; i hear that sampson cables got them all.

i didn't get anything. the 20 and 39 hold no interest for me and i have a sufficiency of 12c's. i'm holding out for the fabled new scientific rpn.


Similar in Hannover, Germany.
A friend bought his new 20S from store,
in plastic package, but no manual nor slide case.
They're getting rid of their last replacement units now.
BTW: It was the first time I saw the new color schema on the 20S. It looks more stylish, but less expensive,
as usual with the latest models.



Computer store? What and where is this place? I thought HP stopped distributing through all but the "Big Box" stores. My local "computer store" (Micro Center) stopped carrying HP calcs more than a year ago. I'm curious as to how a "little guy" gets the apparent last batch of HP calcs on the planet?

I have heard a rumor that HP had sold off everything the bean counters considered "excessive" inventory before the Compaq merger to raise cash. Let us not forget the $96 42S replacements, not that long ago. Perhaps this is result? Bargain prices for those of us who don't need manuals?

As for the Samson Cable connection, if he got a pile of 32Sii service replacements from HP, why is he still buying them on eBay? I think the 32Sii is gone, plain and simple. I referred a person direct to HP about two weeks ago for a replacement, and they reported back that HP offered them a 48GX in place of the 32Sii, as they had none available.

The end is near, with the apparent exception of your bargain find of the LAST BATCH OF HP CALCULATORS AS WE KNOW THEM!

Would you let the rest of the world in on where this is?


this is in california and not too near my town. the place is called surplus stuff. it's at the corner of julliard dr. and fulsom blvd. in sacramento. you are east coast, aren't you?

i told an aquaintance about your interest since he is going tomorrow to get a 20. he will probably email you or post if he reads his email again before he goes. i hope connections get made.

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