42s batteries


Just found my old 42s and am wondering what everyone is using for batteries as the px675's (i think) do not seem to be available.




My understanding is that Alkalines won't last as long as Silver Oxides, but that when they run out, the former will more gracefully decline, and you get a longer low-battery warning, whereas the latter will just about die on you. Others are welcome to give their impressions....


The silver oxide ones (Everyday 357 or Maxell SR44) last many times longer in low drain applications like most HP calculators because they have extremely low self-discharge rates. The storage capacity of the silver oxide cells is about the same as the alkaline cells (A76 or LR44), around 160mah for each. But the self discharge rate makes a huge difference (unless you're running programs on the 42s 24 hours a day). The silver oxide cells cost about twice as much do but in calculators like the 15C and 12C they can last 20 years with nominal use while the alkaline cells will usually not last more than a year or so.


Wow! Thanks for all of the info.


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