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I have written a program that returns a numeric result with a unit attached to it (eg 0.8_yr). I would like to have the program leave the calculator in the units menu under the appropriate type of unit so I wont have to hit "-> Units Time" to convert to some other unit. How can I do this?

PS: I am currently working with an HP 49G with the flags configured to use HP 48GX type menus (ie soft keys not lists). Also, please comment if the programing commands that do this are different on a 48GX.




Thanks for the quick response. Is there a list of menus in the 49G users guide that I have missed?


I don't know the 49's docs. Ther is that list in my 48GX AUR.
Email me if you are interested. Try this link for download some good info about many 48 commands: http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/docs/programming/hp48gaur.zip




adding to what Raul posted, I usually go to the 49G's Pocket Guide. The one that came with mine is heavily based (if no copied...) in Coffin's 48G/GX Pocket Guide. At least, the 49G's guide does not have his name, only HP's.

AFAIR, it does not have a list of the 49G's menus as found in the 48G's AUR manual, p. 3-187, under MENU, where the function is described and a list of all menus and their numbers is shown. They are valid for the HP49G as well.

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