possible to damage thermal module?


I was fooling around and was trying to copy and modify the unit? program in the thermal pac. Is it possible to break the module? after a memory reset I tried to run the program off of the module and it is giving weird code.




a 41CX.



let's see: you have a 41CX and the Thermal Module and you copied LBL "UNIT?" to RAM so you would change it or print it or whatever you want to. Than you made the changes you needed and, for some reason , you did not get the expected result so you reset the machine: [MEMORY LOST] in the display, right? After that you tried to use the programs in the Thermal Module and it behaves strangely. Is it correct?

The act of copying a program from a ROM module and altering its contents does not affect the original program in the module. If you had successfully copied the program and the copy was still in RAM, I'd say that the copy is corrupted (by any reason). Also, trying to execute a function or program that exists in a ROM module from the keyboard when there is a program in RAM with the same name will cause the program in RAM to be executed instead of the ROM version. This is an internal rule that AFAIK is never bypassed. You can assign the ROM function or program to a key prior load the program with the same name and call the ROM version in USER mode or the RAM version by the keyboard.

Anyway this is not your case, as I see. What I think that must be done is switch the calculator OFF, remove the batteries, remove the module and wait for about ten minutes. At this time, if you have any, use a small brush with natural bristles and remove any dust inside the 41CX ports compartment and from the Thermal Module's contacts as well.

After this resting minutes, insert the module in another port. If all ports are in use and you can do it, trade places. I think it's a matter of bad connection.

If nothing of this gets your module back, chances are you have a bad connection between the IO/BATT assembly and the calculator's keyboard OR inside the module itself.

Let's first try the ten minutes resting and the cleaning procedure.

Hope you have success.

Luiz C. Vieira - Brazil

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