How do I open HP-32S II Case??


A friend of mine has a 32S II that only works when it's cold. As soon as it heats up, it stops working. He's thinking it might be a bad connection and is wondering how to open the case to check.

Has anyone opened up a 32S II??



. . . This is where I usually chime in . . .

Article #199 in the MoHPC "Articles Forum" includes detailed instructions on how to open any of the "Pioneer" line of calculators, including the HP-32SII.

No guarantees, but the article includes perspectives from two relatively experienced folks.

(If you've any questions, you can take the "NoHormel" out of the email address I provided above, and get in touch.)

Good Luck!


Thanks Paul. I could see the four under the battery cover, but I thought their might be some hidden ones. Now to see if we can get up the courage to give it a try.

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