Reconditioning Battery Packs


I have recently had a company called Power Cell recell some Hp 41c 82120 and thermal printer nicads. The turn around time was 3 days and they used all the original paper tubes etc. I would recommend them and they may be able to help other users/collectors with dead packs.

Power Cell Australia pty ltd 228-230 Hlifax St Adelaide 5000 South Australia



What did they charge you? Can they handle the HP41 nicad pack (did you ask)?

I'm in Perth, WA. Are you in SA?


I couldn't believe my good luck here was a company in Australia and in South Australia where I live. They have so far reconditioned/replaced cells in the HP 41 calculator packs using 1/3 AAA nicads and the HP thermal printer with SubC cells. They work perfectly and they guarantee the repair as long as you leave their seal intact.


oops forgot to mention about $5-$7 for the batteries each plus approx $10 labour per pack. Prices are in Australian dollars.... bargain

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