Reasonable price for a 41C, Quad Mem, Time, Navigation and Card reader module?


Hi everybody,

I've been offered an HP41C in very good condition with a time module, navigation module, quad memory and a revised card reader.

Included are many magnetic cards, manuals and case.

What is a reasonable price for such a set? The seller offers it for approx 190 dollars.

Kind regards,



I think with that equipment it is a reasonable price, better to say "a good price", I don't know what other friend think, but I say you: don't miss it!

PS. if you are no more interested and that is a "tall keys", give me please the link to the seller, I'make myself a Xmas present!!:)=

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I already thought that this was a good price. The machine seems to be in excellent condition.

Now I need to find an advantage module for a reasonable price...

What is a reasonable price for the advantage module?

Kind regards,


What is a reasonable price

There's no such thing as a "reasonable price" when collecting something...
I bet that if I'd ask my wife what is her perceived value of my collection she would rate it @ 1/50 of what I actually paid. :(

And she would probably be right... ;)

BTW: I too think that such a set is well worth those $$$



Same here with my wife ;-)

But I am really looking forward to showing people 34 year old technology pulling a magnetic card in and doing math. It'll be grand!

It's also a great calc with a story of father who has been sailing and navigating his way with the HP.

Kind regards, Eelco


What is a reasonable price for the advantage module?

I went through the exercise of valuing my "collection" last month, and picked prices off eBay. I only saw one Advantage module, at $US85, but since then I've seen one offered at a much higher price (which might not have sold).

But I'd have to quote the old definition from Economics 101: "The value of a thing is what it will bring", i.e the going price is the price of the last one sold in the market.


--- Les



You could also look at the Clonix-D / NoV-64 flash modules from Diego.

For a very reasonable price you have the liberty of using any

modules that has been produced for the HP-41.

Diego Diaz Clonix41 site

Best regards,



+1 for the NoV-64! You can buy one modern module and have the ROM images of several older ones loaded into it. There are some modern module ROM images you'll probably want to load into it too, like the 41Z which gives your 41 a true 4-level complex stack and oodles and oodles of complex functions written in assembly (so they're much faster than user language), and the Sandmath module. See:

and you'll also be interested in the 41CL board transplant which makes the 41 up to 50x as fast and comes with something like 180 modules built in:


What is a reasonable price for such a set? The seller offers it for approx 190 dollars.

$190 is excellent value; I've seen card readers alone go for that.


--- Les



Does the card reader still work, without roller replacement and cleanup?



The card reader has been serviced and works fine.

Kind regards,


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