41cv module


I have a 41cv.

Does the 41cv calculator needs the "Advantage Module" or is it only for the 41c? For what pourpose this module is? I question this because for the hp Solution Book titled "Electrical Circuits for students" (92235S)it is required.

What do I obtain whith the "Extended Functions/Memory Module" (82180A)

Also: What does the Time Module (82182A) does, other than give you the time and date?

For any help, in advance thank you.



Hey Eduardo, the Advantage Module contains functions and programs that are not part of any 41C/CV/CX internal programming. The Advantage Module was created to give the 41 series calculators some of the same functions that were resident in the HP 15C calculator such as matrix math. It can be used in any 41 series calculator. The Extended Functions/Memory Module gives functions that are included as part of the 41CX standard functions, such as data manipulation. It also contains extra memory to store programs and data. However, programs cannot be executed out of extended memory. They have to be moved into main calculator memory and executed there. This extended memory is susceptible to 'MEMORY LOST' if power is interrupted to the module while there is data of some kind in it. This module can only be used in 41C/CV calculators. The time module offers most timer functions that are contained in the 41CX. It can also auto start your calculator to do unattended data collection. It can also be programmed with alarms to be used in timing experiments. This module is to be used only in the 41C/CV calculators. I hope this has helped answer some of your questions. Randy


The advantage module contains functions that are not in the C, CV, or CX, so if something needs it, then you either need to fet one or you need to duplicate the functions yourself. For come it's not too hard, for others, nearly impossible.

The manual is 150 pages, which gives you some idea of how much documentation you need for it. In the acknowlegments it says:

"The matrix operations in this pac were based on the CCD ROM...

The root finding and numerical integration routines were adapted from the HP-15C..."

The table of contents list these areas that the Advantage pac covers...

Matrix Functions Finding the roots of an equation polynomial solutions and evaluations numerical integration differential equations Operations with complwx numbers vector operations number comversions and boolean logic curve fitting the time value of money

The manual notes that the same named functions exist in the math pac for complex numbers and differential equations, and in the real estate pac for N, PV, PMT, FV and +I

The manual also states that many of the programs are copyable, so you may be able to copy the ones you need (but that would be naughty...)


Try to obtain an extended functions memory module from the classified ads at this site, or from ebay (and possibly many other places)

Note that there are two sorts of module, the extended functions module, and the X memory module. the former contains the rom that does the clever stuff, and some extended memory, the latter contains only extended memory. You need at least one of the former (unless you have a CX), and up to two of the latter.

NB the 41CX has the X functions built in, plus one or two more.


The time module allows you to set alarms which activate programs at times you determine, turns your calculator into a rather clever little stopwatch, and a couple of things I can't remember. (I think it allows day of week calculations, and adding days to a date etc.)

NB The 41CX has the time module built in.


You're welcome



Thank you Randy and Steve, the information has been very helpfull.

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