Anyone here tinker with Arduino/Printbots/etc ?


Good topic earlier about linux. So, anyone here tinker with Arduino? I've tinkered; not much more than writing to LCD displays or recording temperatures. My brother has a MakerBot printer; very cool to play with. Tried to print a battery holder to house some rechargables for my HP 35; but never quite got it right. It would be really cool to make a 4-function calc out of a tiny arduino and print out a housing !


I have several Arduinos and have done some simple projects with them (temperature and light sensors recording data to a memory card, interfacing it to a Nokia cell phone display, a proximity-detecting cat-scaring device to keep the cats away from certain things in the house, etc.). Lots of fun. Some people have made simple calculators. Here's one that uses a touch screen:


I love to play with Arduino/3d printer and electronics in general (usually a lot more than playing with calculators: I actually sell the ones I don't use, right now I just have an 48, 50G and Prime)

Built my makerbot years ago: (when makerbot still sold just the parts, not the assembled product)



So, anyone here tinker with Arduino?

Thank you for asking this non-Prime question and: Yes! Great stuff. Brings back the fun that I had with my first programmable calculator (Ti-59) 35 years ago. And it interfaces with the real world :-)

Recently, after someone asked for the cheapest "QNH" ( indicator on an aviation forum, I put together a little device that will display the current atmospheric pressure and can be made for 30 Euros for the parts:

It consists of an Arduino Uno clone with a "display shield" (1) a pressure sensor (2, which actually is a three axis linear and angular accelerometer and magnetometer as well, all for 5 Euros including shipping from Hong Kong) and a GPS sensor (3) that gets the elevation. A dozen lines of code then calculate the QNH from ambient pressure and elevation.

Or this stopwatch I made as a replacement for the one in the flight simulator of the flying school where I instruct in my spare time. I developed it with an Arduino but actually soldered it together using only the necessary parts (it looks uglier than it actually is becuse it still has the protective plastic foil on the screen. It is built into the instrument panel so that only the round part is visible):

My current projects are a quadcopter drone that I build with my son (14yo) and - more related to this forum - a DIY aviation calculator inspired by the AGC DSKY ( I have most of the parts together (displays, multiplexer chips, processor board, GPS sensor, real time clock) and a rough idea about the code, but still don't know how to make the keyboard. Probably the biggest problem for all calculator tinkeres...


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