Silly me... I also bought a 12C and 15C



I wonder if I will be using my Prime in the near future or will be flashing with one of my newly found voyagers...

I've probably paid too much for them...

Kind regards,



I've probably paid too much for them...

No, you paid too much for *it*.




Can't wait to have the machines in my own hands! It will feel like a trip down memory lane...



Imho there's nothing better than Voyagers, especially the 15C!

So you can't pay too much for them...

I also own a Prime, but it's way too complicated for me, therefore I use one of my classical calculators (34C, 15C, 15C LE, 41CX) depending on which task they have to fulfill... The Prime is mostly used for unit conversions (imperial <-> SI); kind of an overkill... ;-)

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