HP-48GX & 50G Question


Hi all, although the RPN/RPL stack in limited by available memory, what are the pending operations/parentheses level limits in Equation Entry and Algebraic Expression/Single-Line Entry (' ') modes on both the 48GX and the 50G?


Interesting question Matt. I know that algebraic expressions are actually stored in reverse polish notation (aka postfix). So there is no limit in the encoding. The only limit I can think of would be the command line parser and there it is probably limited by available memory.



Well Dave, being that my calculator collecting days go as far back as 1972 and, with the release of TI's SR-52/56 models, I still use the pending ops/parentheses levels nomenclature. Even though we are far beyond the AOS days of yore, old habits of applying that technology to modern day calcs is a very worn habit of mine.

Thanks for the updated insight.

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