what really is the Prime?


Hi all,
Having returned to the forum after many years of absence I note that there's a new calculator on the block. This is, IMHO, a GoodThing(tm).

What is perplexing me is just what this new device is, what or who is it aimed at?

Don't get me wrong, I think it looks great (although I have yet to get my hands on a real one) and I may well buy one anyway but I don't think I know what makes it different to the NspireCX and whether it would get more use from me than my 48GX.

So, if anyone has any good pointers about what the new machine seems to be good at and who or what it is aimed at then I'd be interested to hear them.

All the best.



[...] what or who is it aimed at?


You can try the emulator to find out if it's made for you.


Hardware: +

Software: -

The only advantage is the color touch display.

Imho it's no education tool. For example in the function app i can't deal with derivatives, i can't deal (easy) with parameter, there is no slide control like in geogebra. The variable management is confusing also the uppercase/lowercase writing. From (my) educational point of view many apps are useless.

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