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Over the past few months, people known from a community traditionally interested in TI calculators have become interested in the powerful, if pretty buggy (although the latest OS upgrade is much better from that POV), platform that the HP Prime is.

Among the reasons for this state of fact are the power and speed of the PPL (whereas the Nspire’s BASIC cannot draw pixels to the screen or read individual keys), and a low level of lockdown on the Prime platform (whereas the Nspire is the most locked-down calculator on the market).

That’s despite belief that TI is so entrenched in many a country’s education market, with proportionately large education system nurturing power, that virtually nothing can make a significant dent into the market share of their offerings - IOW, despite belief that the Prime's market share will remain low (which is not a good thing for students).

We’d like to remind, or officially introduce, several pieces of information to the traditional HP community, which are probably worthy of interest:

And that’s the work of a community of people with shallow knowledge, and no ability to provide in depth analysis, as we’re told. We’re also told that the HP community is a community of calculator and math experts.

How about finding vulnerabilities, making a framework for leveraging native code, fixing HP's bugs by OS patches, making a real emulator + porting Linux (http://tiplanet.org/hpwiki/index.php?title=HP_Prime/Emulation contains notes to those effects), and other things that only experts can do, so that all Prime users, including us inferior people, benefit ? ;)

Erwin Ried’s linking code deserves a renewed mention, it and libhpcalcs are effectively complementary:

  • on the one hand, Erwin Ried’s programs have a GUI (so they’re much more usable), he’s doing a good job communicating about them (YT videos), and he clearly has more free time on his hands;
  • on the other hand, libhpcalcs has much wider protocol support (send and receive most file types, get calculator information, set date and time, make backup, make screenshots), and libhpcalcs is portable, lightweight native code.

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Here is the english version of the "how to" reverse engineer http://ried.cl/en/franqueando-los-secretos-del-hardware-mediante-ingenieria-inversa/

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