AFTER HP-Prime update, Shift+Matrix CRASHES


Hi Friends,

I updated my HP Prime emulator by Calculator/Check for update menu and all fine, but once finished.

Then I tried to use the "Resolved issue with entering a complex number into a real matrix in the matrix editor."

I press Shift + Matrix and emulator CRASHES in HOME and CAS modes.

How to know what is wrong?

Best regards!!





try overriding whatever matrices you have stored in M1 to M0.
try either going to the memory manager and erasing them all (shift meme scroll to matrices, backspace OK).

if this does not work, try from command line:
M1:= M2:= M3:= M4:= M5:= M6:= M7:= M8:= M9:= M0:=[0]

then power cycle the calc (shift OFF ON) and try going to matrices to see if it helped.




I tried the command M1:= M2:= M3:= M4:= M5:= M6:= M7:= M8:= M9:= M0:=[0] on my emulator (rev5447) and got "Error: Bad argument type".


Edited: 6 Dec 2013, 8:16 a.m.


Hi Cyrille,

M1:= M2:= M3:= M4:= M5:= M6:= M7:= M8:= M9:= M0:=[0]
Error: Bad argument type
M1:= expect matrix object and not matrix name ??

[0] then I dit to all M1..M9 and M0 and still crashes,

Trying Shift + Mem too crashes.

I Think there is an object / program creating the issue, another emulator instance works fine in the same Pc.

I will post the solution.

Best regards!!

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