HP Prime: problem with the memory of calculator during the debug process?


Hi, I continue with my problem with the DEBUG in my program...

I run my program (without debug) and the results are correct!

but, when apply the debug...simply the program reset the calculator, again at the same line...

I noted that there are many variables in my program and some variables content great numbers up to 1E10...

(problem with the memory of calculator during the debug process?)

or... I will die and I will not find why? :(

Please, run my program and check it!



I run my program (without debug) and the results are correct!

Did you say it before ?

Simply saying that a program reset the calc when débugged, do not imply that it run OK without debug.
it is not the same investigation.

By the way, there is no problem with optional DEFAULT.

It is simply undocumented in UG


Thanks for reply Patrice.

Yes, I saw that no have difference with or without statement "DEFAULT"... but, I don't understand why reset the calculator in the debug process.

I feel a bit wary about this.

could you run the program and check it?


There is no understand to have. It looks like it is a bug in new firmware.


I think the same Patrice, should I report? I don't want that this seems like a dramatic topic.

Thanks for your commentaries.

-best regards-


I have done the report already.


Ok. Thanks so much

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