Strange Battery Icon during updaate of Prime Firmware.


I upgraded one of my Primes with no problem. While upgrading the other one I noticed a lightening bolt inside the battery icon when I plugged the second prime into my computer. When I unplugged the USB cable the lightening bolt DISAPPEARED AND THE BATTERY ICON SHOWED A 100% CHARGE. This did not happen while upgrading the first one.
Any idea as to what is going on and is it a problem?


My battery meter says 100%. I haven't had it on the charging cable for two days... I doubt it is fully charged. I wonder how accrate the meter is? I fully expect to turn it on soon and see 75%. I asked the question a few days ago if there was a function that returns the battery state; but I haven't gotten a response.


There is no function to return the status. Wouldn't be too incredibly useful due to the non-granularity either I don't think.

It only has basically 4 states. 100, 75,50, 25, off. The warnings to work well though in terms of letting you know when it is getting low and critical though.



It only has basically 4 states. 100, 75,50, 25, off.

Since the info is in there, why don't use every pixel row as granularity? 100%, 90%... is not like the device is oriented to elderly people that can't perceive the differences in the icon...

BTW I almost finish all the other consumption tests, and as far I can see the hardware handles very nice the power (specially on idle, 0.06 mA in average with eventual 68 mA spikes every x minutes)


is not like the device is oriented to elderly people that can't perceive the differences in the icon

Hey youngster! Be careful... ;-)


Looking forward to seeing your data!

The problem is that the info is *not* there. Basically, you get a 4,3,2,1 and that is it.



I believe the lightening bolt is just a charge indicator. I noticed that too when I upgraded mine and just now I plugged the USB cable in again and it came on for a while and then went away. I have seen lightening bolts used as charge indicators on other electronic devices as well.


The "lightning bolt" just means it's charging. Once it is charged, it will go out or if you unplug it, regardless, since it won't be charging.

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