I can't update HP Prime


Hi. I do all the necessary step for update. I start HP connectivity kit, click "help" and then press "check for update". Later I click with the right button on my HP Prime and click Update firmware, but this is what happen:

I try to solve the problem reinstalling hp connectivity kit, deleting HP Connectivity Kit folder in My Documents, reseting the calculator... but the problem persist. Can anyone help me? Thanks


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I would not recommend following this procedure and would ask you not to be sharing and encouraging use of it. It has the possibility of breaking your unit since that tool can overwrite the boot loader.



Check this:


you should download the firmware, connectivity kit and emulator with the ultimate date... (25_11_2013)


Good luck..!


I'm also having no luck updating the physical calculator. It appears the CK and virtual calc are happy but when I try to connect the physical device and select "update" I see a message at the top of the Prime screen (something about ...V13 I believe) and the message box on the PC screen attempts to do the update (5-6 automatic retries) and then ends (fails) with error 104. At this point the physical Prime is no longer shown in the CK list and the Prime itself is unresponsive until it is reset via paperclip.

The files in the CK firmware directory seem correct although the .dat files are shown as type "TiePie WinSoft Data", TiePie being a data acquisition system (hardware and software) used on this machine. I think I approved the file association when I originally installed the TiePie system and I'm tempted to remove it temporarily to see if that makes a difference. I thought I would check here first though in case the problem lies elsewhere.

I tried to update twice last night so my memory of events is a little fuzzy. Getting a little nervous about this now.

Thanks for any suggestions!


Be sure to connect directly to a USB port on your computer, not a USB hub. Apparently it makes a difference for some hubs.


1. Is that a virtual machine, or real unit?
2. File association should make no difference.
3. The updater has to use a direct write to the flash drive which counts as a low level process. Hence the admin rights requirement.

If it still is not working for you, I'd recommend calling the support line.



I saw that post, and that was the step I did. For that reason I create this post. I hope there are any solution thath don't break my hp prime.

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