HP Prime: =f(x):=expression in spreadsheet app



Thanks to Han and others who suggested how to define an expression in f(x) then define F1 to allow it to be plotted:


// allows X^2-5 to be plotted in F1

The above also seems to work in two spreadsheet app cells (ie =f(x):=x^2-5) IF the expression is typed in. However, I cant figure out how to define f(x) if I REFER to an expression located in another cell. So, =f(x):=cellref does not seem to work.

Any ideas on how to do this in the spreadsheet? If so, it would be handy for plotting expressions generated in a spreadsheet.


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sorry, but I think that you are reaching the end of the power of this calc on that example!

Here are a couple of things that you can do:
- Enter A1 as =Spreadsheet.A2*SIN(X)
- Enter A2 as 1
- in command line type: Function.F1:=A2(1)
- go to function app, you can draw your function.


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