Annoying low bat message on the 200LX


As I dug out a 200LX recently, its batteries were gone. I quickly replaced the main ones but not the backup (none at hand).
So the machine powered up correctly and all was nice, BUT there is a warning message and beep every 10 seconds, lasting a couple of seconds, saying "Backup Battery Low" or something. I managed to shut off the beeper, but the message keeps on popping up every 10 seconds, and while it's displayed the machine doesn't respond to keystrokes (the graphing of a function even suspends in the calculator application - very weird !).
So my question is simply : how do I shut off this nagging message ?
(I don't want to purchase a backup battery as this is just for a few days worth of hmmmm... playing).


Good question! I just researched this and found that Mack Baggette (one of the wizards of the 200LX) wrote a small BIOS hack to do just what you need. The program is on the SUPER site along with zillions of other 200LX programs.

To get it go here: and search for: "BIOS Message Killer"



Exactly on target !

Thank you very much !

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