HPSWAP Archive and the 9114


Recently I've had success creating 9114 compatible floppies from the HPSWAP archive (ftp://ftp.hpmuseum.org/hpswap/) without the "LIF Utilities for Linux" using Fdio (www.hp9845.net/9845/projects/fdio/‎).
The Preset I used is "0x10,1,616,77,2,16,2464,1,256,2,0x20,0x32,0xdf,9,14,15,0x40" which was obtained by analyzing a 9114A formatted floppy using Fdio. I was able to load HP71 BASIC, LEX, and TEXT files written on a Windows 98 machine and read into a 71 using a 9114A. Disks formatted with both the 9114A and LIFUTIL worked okay. However, when formatting disks with Fido, the initialization always fails around track 65. Has anyone found other Preset parameters that allow a disk to be successfully formatted using Fdio?
Yes, I know I can do the same thing with the Pil-Box, but after finding and fixing a 9114 I kind of like recreating the physical floppies.

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