Interesting eBay seller


He offers hundreds of items and provides NO DESCRIPTION. He requires you to contact him to find out what he is actually selling. Could this be a scam or is he just selling outside of eBay?

I only mention this because he also had a couple of CURTA calculators that have $2000 price. But you can't actually get a description until you contact him.

Curta for sale



He could be OK and just a bit too lazy to post full description/pics on EBay listing entry screen, and finds it easier to mail a canned description to buyer. But if he's a volume EBay seller there are low-cost (and perhaps freeware) tools to help you "blast" in your items in bulk and not have to go thru screens onesey-twosey for each item - perhaps he's not aware of these.

However - and I don't know EBay rules for such arrangements - I am not sure such EBay deals have any protection (other than outright fraud with buyer not receiving item) since the terms of agreement, item description/condition, etc. are conveyed outside of EBay.
I know that when an EBay auction ends early (other than via their Buy-It-Now feature) and a transaction still occurs by mutual agreement, such a deal is outside of EBay and has no EBay protection, sanction, etc. (Essentially, the auction ended with no bidder, and a non-EBay private sale ensued.)

Bill Wiese
San Jose, CA


Well the 'Item has ended' and the list for all his other items for sale is empty. Did ebay catch up with him after a notification???

Buying from a listing with no description is not likely to have even the minimal protection ebay gives.


I have seen him list those Curtas around a dozen times (or so it seems). Nobody has ever bid on them... gee, I wonder why?

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