TRAN41 and hp41 files


I'm trying to transfer an hp41 program from my PC (old 286 with an hpil isa card) to my hp41 using trans41.

This site ( states that .RAW files can be utilized but I haven't gotten it to work yet.

Any advice would be appreciated.




Dear Andy

Some software routines for uploding data and programs from HP41 to PC by using TRANS41 you find in CHAPTER XV of the I/O-Board manual.

HP41-PC transfer would be easy with new version of EMU41 (full version from Jean Francois Garnier) This replaces TRANS41 and gives you much more power including real and virtual IL-Devices and an advanced HP41 emulator.

And some more good news for HP41 enthusiasts who are searching the exotic HP-IL/PC Interface Card : This is available now as second rebuild version.

For more details refer to "HP41-PC gateway and emulator" at the HP-Museum forum...

Best wishes from Germany - Christoph Klug

Best wishes - Christoph Klug

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