HP 35s polar/rectangular conversion


When you do rectangular/polar conversion you enter it as a complex number and change the display format according to what you want to see. Is there a way to separate the angle from the vector, or the "x" coordinate from the "y" coordinate? Like retrieving the fraction part or integer part from a number.


Buy a used 33s or 32SII. Problem solved.


The 35s has no commands to split a complex number into its real and imaginary part. However, polar coordinates are easy:

Convert (3; 4) to polar coordinates

  3 i 4
[DISPLAY] .0 => 5,0000 (theta) 53,1301
or the other way (polar to rectangular)
  5 (theta) 53,1301
[DISPLAY] 9 => 3,0000 i 4,0000
Both display options represent the same number.

To obtain distance and angle (in either display mode):
  [ABS]          =>  5,0000   ' distance
LastX [ARG] => 53,1301 ' angle
Getting the rectangular coordinates 3 and 4 from this is a bit tricky, though. ;-)


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I have a 32sII and it has always been one of my favorites. Have a 33s it works but never got attached to it. I am helping teach a "land surveyor in training" course at the annual state survey convention and we need to use calculators that are allowed on the Federal Land Surveyor in Training test. I do like the 35s and I like it even better now.

Thank you Dieter for your help. It's much appreciated.



For rectangular coordinates, you can use the following programs:




I think I can combine these into one program so you're left with the x and y coordinates on two levels of the stack just like the 32sII did when you did the conversion.



This kind of solution was discussed in detail as soon as the community realized that there are no traditional P<>R commands on the 35s. Some routines (that even preserve the stack) can be found in this discussion from 2007.

A summary of all efforts, with optimized solutions, can be found in the articles section on this website. Here, even the state of flag 10 is preserved.


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