Greetings to all (old and new) MoHPC members!


Disclaimer: Please, disregard this post - no useful content here, I just wanted to say hello to all of you after a long time :-)

I see some older (not by age or mind, of course ;-) members and a lot of new ones and I am very happy to see the forum still lives a full living although it is now more "new product" forum than a "museum" but I don't have anything against that, on the contrary. It was also very refreshing to see that people are still actively programming all those devices, old and new, and there is a fair amount of high-quality low-level development still in existence, like WP34s, really great project. Unfortunately, since 2007-2008. my focus shifted to much different areas of expertise and I didn't have a time to participate, although I really wanted to.

I must admit that I was very excited after HP released a new Prime calculator, mainly because of it's keyboard which reminds me a lot of older HP calculators (like HP-28C/S, for example). But after reading about all those problems with a new machine it really turned me down and I am very sad to see that HP (still) isn't able to resolve various quality issues.

So, again, nothing useful here, just a greetings to all of you - keep up the good work :-)


Hi Z!!!

Nice to see ya here. You disappeared from FB a couple of days ago BTW... :-)


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Hi Massimo, glad to see you here, as always :-)

My "social life" on FB more or less equals to zero, so I converted my personal profile and merged it with my "official" page ...


Hi from Caribbean too! :-)



Hi Diego,

Glad to see that you and your Clonix/NoVRAM projects are doing well :-)



Nice to 'see' you again. Hoped that you would once join an emulator programmers' Allschwil meeting, but it looks that many other did an interests shift too.

Every now and then I twiddle a bit with my NutEm running on an IBM host emulated using Hercules. So I may run the HP41 firmware (and most modules, alas not Blinky, I still have no clue about internals) and almost all Voyagers (still in the hope someone has the mercy to share the HP10C firmware).

And I did a 'delta-sniffer' to hook twice in different links to the Virtual HPIL, for example before and after a IL-device, and highlighting the changes in the outbound traffic.

Im not finished yet with this hobby. Still too much ideas and too little time.



Hi Mike,

If you can organize a meeting somewhere around 05/06.2014. when my wife and me are planning a trip to southern Germany, maybe we can arrange something ;-)

Neither I am finished with this hobby, far from that, there are still a few things I would like to do:

(1) Finish my BASIC-like interpreter for HP-48/49 ... around half of the work has been done but really couldn't find enough free time to continue.

(2) Develop TI-59 emulator on HP-48/49 ... still haven't managed to get the ROM :-(

Of course, I am still using all my emulators (HP-41/42/71/11/12/15/16) on a few HP-48GXs but for the last few years I am on the totally opposite side from this low-power/low-speed environment, as far as development is concerned. We are now talking about tens and hundreds of (pure assembler) GFLOPs (compared to hundreds and thousands FLOPs on calculators) because my primary interest (beside electronic music) is realtime Digital/Audio Signal Processing, GPU processing (OpenCL), sound synthesis software development, etc. After almost two years of very hard work I finished my ultimate 32/64-bit software uber-synthesizer and this didn't really left much time for anything else :-(


What area in Southern Germany? I have in May and June two business trips to Stuttgart area.

Joerg from the Dark Side of the Calculator Universe

Aka Datamath Calculator Museum


Shall we organise a "joint reunion" with some HP200LX users?



What area in Southern Germany?

I don't know, nothing fixed yet, but very south definitely - from Eagle's Nest to Hohenschwangau ...

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