Need help connecting a 41CX to a PC


What are my options for connecting a 41CX to a PC? I'm assuming I need an HP-IL module, plus an HP-IL RS-232 adapter? What is the GPIO interface? Finally, what software is available to transfer to/from the 41CX assuming I have the right hardware? Thanks!




you can do an HP-41 <-> PC connction with either:
IL/RS232 Interface
IL card for the PC

It could work with an IL/GPIO interface, too, but you'll have to know how to wire the cable from the GPIO side to the PC.

In any case you'll need an HP-IL module for the HP-41.

In the museum forum archives are some discussions about those options.

Christoph Klug could be the man.
He's working much on the IL stuff,
and has developed a new IL card for the PC.



If you go the HPIL module -> hp82164 (serial) then you'll also need the Extended I/O module (somewhat rare).

You should contact Christopher Klug. With one of his cards, you'll only need the hpil module.

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