New firmware for HP 39gII


What a surprise : an update for the HP 39gII before HP Prime !
This new version (30th october 2013) fixes some bugs (mainly for matrices).

Download :


The icon for the shortcut has changed.

But still this bug on matrices :

Edited: 26 Nov 2013, 1:29 a.m.


The zip is named: "".
Does this mean I have to install a complete new connectivity software on the PC?
Must the old connectivity kit be un-installed? Or is this vesrsion installed over it or separately to it?

I am terribly dissapointed that this is on a third party website. It is not available on an official HP website (I checked both US and my local UK HP support websites). This tells me that HP management is not taking the calculators seriously. It seems that since the HP-48GX, calculators have been an unimportant side-line for HP. Thus as far as I am concerned, HP calculators do not exist after the HP-48GX. The current ones are just some crap HP throws out the door - scraps to keep the dogs happy.


The HP-39gii emulator on my computer finds the new firmware when I run the "update" check, so HP are definitely behind this. It handled its installation automatically; I now only have the updated version on my machine.

While there's no sense arguing over matters of taste I can't agree with your characterisation of recent HP calculators. The HP-50g is the pinnacle of the series that started with the HP-48SX. I really liked the HP-33S as well, despite its odd appearance, and the HP-10bii+ is cheap and very neat indeed. The HP-30b is powerful, and repurposed as the WP-34s it is out of this world.

I even like the Prime! I haven't tried programming it, and I haven't connected it to my computer. I've had to reset it three times in the past two weeks using a paperclip and it has recovered instantly each time. It's clear that it's a work in progress but I'm using it far more regularly and with more pleasure than the TI-NSpire which I own (faint praise, I know). My view will change if the bugs aren't fixed, of course . . .

Nigel (UK)


The HP-39gii emulator on my computer finds the new firmware when I run the "update" check....

I was referring to updating the real calculator. In the connectivity kit or firmware updater I do not see a "check for updates" or similar item.

Quote: HP are definitely behind this.

I am quite sure they are. I lament the fact that somehow there is no impetus behind getting the 39gii connectivity software & firmware updates onto official HP websites where it belongs. Hence I blame the HP management for lack of interest. Also look at the telephonic HP support contact page for UK, the calculator support is the only one with hours limited to 9am to 5pm weekdays, my office hours - I can't call from my office on a landline and if I use a mobile I get a message in German but no support person to talk to! And you blame me for thinking that they're not interested in calculator users?


Very first item item in the main menu of the 39gII connkit - File->Check For Updates



Edited: 26 Nov 2013, 5:39 p.m.


Yes, sorry. Found it in the File menu on the emulator, but missed it on the connectivity kit.

The emulator updated just fine, but the connectivity kit responds with "No update is available at this time".

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