HP-41 Synthetic Programming Question


Is there a way to obtain the following by using the Byte Grabber?
Please let me know.
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you want to compare X-Register contents with M-register (ALPHA set) contents?

You lnow, when I began dealing with Synth programs I thought a lot of new stuff could be done. Well, I saw many new things being done, but this particular operation is teasing. The HP41CX allows X<=NN (and all available comparisons), where NN is the number of the register which contents are to be compared with X-register contents. That's the closest I remember.

Now I'm curious, too.



I want to make my program as short as possible. Trying to eliminate the RCL M statements and just compare the #'s. I do not need the numbers per say in the alpha registry just the ability to transfer program executiion based on the comparison. Any ideas?
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I don't believe this is possible. Sorry.



>Is there a way to obtain the following by using the Byte Grabber? X<=M


Synthetic programming does wonders, alas, not miracles. Specifically, it cannot create a brand-new instruction (such as X<=M). SP has come up with a few new instructions (such as eG0BEEP and W') but those are exceptions.

Unfortunately, there's no way to code an X<=M (at least to my knowledge).

By the way, if both X and M contain numeric data, you can use the X<=Y test; if they contain alpha data, you *must* use X<=NN (available on the HP-41CX).


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