HP Prime numerical restrictions?


Is it just me, or does the HP Prime have inbuilt restrictions?

For example, the command




almost instantly. All good. But the command


returned instead

"Error: Invalid dimension"

This is annoying, unless there's some setting which will remove such errors. (I can do this sort of thing with zero problems on both the Casio ClassPad and the TI nspire.) I like many things about the HP Prime, but it keeps throwing error messages at me, or freezing, or sometimes spontaneously rebooting. There also seems to be a restriction on derivatives, as I explained in an earlier post.



Some experiments later it's clear that 1000 is the precise upper limit for allowed sums. Starting with 1001, the HP Prime errors out. In Home with "invalid input", in CAS with "invalid dimension". What a shame!


This is the sort of unnecessary restriction which (for me at least) severely limits the use of the HP Prime.

Of course you can get round this with


but that's too fiddly for simple (student) use. Drat.


The limit seems to be a leftover from the 39gII implementation. It was inadvertently left in.


Well, in that case I hope that in the next revision of the software they remove this restriction (and any others inadvertently left in)!

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