ebay as tax conduit


I've noticed a fair amount of buying of hp stuff by one buyer who only seems to buy and not sell. I've also noticed a seller of similar items who mostly sells and does not buy. I've never seen the buyer buy or bid on any of the items the seller lists. Could these two be linked in some sort of tax scheme where the buyer gives the purchsed items to the seller as a way to increase the amount of tax free gifting? Why else would the buyer purchase so many of the same items? There is a ready market for this stuff so it is easy for the seller to conver to cash. Interesting?


I know of one buyer, that often writes nasty grams to others when he is outbid. And and for years has been whining about the high prices. He has even gone so far as to question the selling at high prices as dishonest.

Now, it appears he now sells under a different name and is NOW selling at high prices. Technically, I suspect the two accounts are registered under different persons (like a significant other). I see nothing wrong with what he is doing. It's just a little funny (or hypocritical) to challenge others and then do the same thing under a different name.

I'm almost 100% sure that the two accounts are the same person or at least closely related. One account bids but never sells the other sells but almost never buys. I know of only one purchase and a couple of bids.

I have seen one instance where this seller was outbid on one of their rare bids and the bidder account came back within an hour to make another bid. So both are bidding on at least one current auction.

There are four main types of items that this buyer buys and this other seller sells those same items. The categories are very different. And both accounts are from the same geographical area. I suspect if someone checked the user contact information, they'd see the same city. I have not bothered to check as it is of little interest to me. It's just interesting. Many others have mentioned the connection between the two accounts also.

Further, he bids on almost 90% of all HP items. But his name never shows up on any of this other sellers items. Of course, if the two are related, he can't bid on them legally.


would these categories be.. hp calcs, hp palm devices, sandisk memory for digital cameras, and mercedes accessories? Both buyer and seller for these are from the Northeast. I wonder if we're talking about the same people?


Exactly, at least those items have been bought by the buyer and sold by the seller. I think I have only seen one Mercedes item sold though. And yes, they are both from that part of the country.

At least 4 other people have mentioned the connection as well, on this forum.

Like I said, I don't have any real problem with this. It's just kind of hypocritical of that seller. I know of several people that he has sent nasty grams to, complaining about their high prices as being dishonest. I still have the emails from over a year ago.


Could this be one of those occasions where both are bidding on the same item? http://cgi6.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&item=1948634291


I was wondering how long it was going to take for one of Dave's great 3/4 view photos to show up on eBay. Wonder no longer.

While the ad looks like the seller spent quite some time on it, the MoHPC photo was used without the source being mentioned. At least they left the watermark in.


No only do you get nastygrams, but put a few bids on things he has bid on (hard not to do since he sprays bids across HP items like a cat in heat) and then he apparently starts bidding on items that you have outstanding bids on just for spite.

I have seen him place bids on every item that somebody has bids open on. His bids were placed in the exact order that they appeared in the other bidders list withing minutes of him being outbid on another item. He placed no other bids during that time frame.

And he has the audacity to gripe and moan and send nasty emails when people snipe... such behavior started many people (including me) sniping in the first place. Also his alter ego will ban you from "her" auctions.

From the timing of a lot of his bids he apparently uses an automated system of continually downloading item and bid searches from Ebay and looking for new listings or bids. He manages to snag all the tasty "Buy-it-nows" within minutes or their appearance. I might not like or agree with this tactic, but I certainly don't whine, send nasty emails, or retaliate becuase of it.


And so it seems I've been banned too from "her" auctions. Why else would she ban me - I've got good feedback and never had an opportunity to meet her.

I think their behavior really sucks. How many 12c's, 42s's, 200lx's, Curta's etc. does any one need? Even if he is a legit collector his behavior really turns us off, especially when he bids multiple times in leap-frog style in the early time of the auctions. No wonder we see eBay prices so high, nobody has a fair chance to acquire decent items and sometimes fair prices.



I mentioned this months ago. I do not follow e-bay because it's somewhat expensive having items "flying" to their destiny, so any e-bay deal will be higher when transport is to be considered.

But I was told, at that time, this was "not allowed", but the managers could not check if this sort of arrangement was a fact or just rumor.

If you want to, I can dig the Articles and find my post. About four (+/-) months ago.



Please do and re-post. Thanks.



have a look here and tell me if this is not the same situation.



Please, read this one, also.


Hmmm, you got me thinking, a money laundering scheme perhaps? The bidder really wouldn't need to worry HOW high the price is, and may have a "shill" helping to run them up. Or maybe the battery packs of these HP's are filled with white powder, and I don't mean the powder from corroded NiCd's either! And if the bidder should happen to lose the bid, the seller will actually sell the part and have the bidder find another one to sell. This gives the scheme some "air" of legitimacy. Does Ebay notify the Feds/IRS when certain "trends" surface?


Look... we may think that their is some hyprocrisy here and some may just now figure out what is going between these two accounts. And some may not like the tactics. But this kind of suggestion is simply off-the-wall (capital off-the-wall).

It really isn't even worth commenting on.


I meant it as tongue-in-cheek.
But think about it, inflated prices could be a cover
for laundering money.


money laundering maybe possible but in this case I think it is either a tax conduit or just a case of someone having way too much time and money on their hands. It is most unfortunate that this individual has chosen HP calc's to pick on as his hobby. Maybe this is good for the sellers in that price levels are higher but his and her behavior crowds out the supply of nice specimens for the rest of us more serious collectors and is irksome to say the least. I'm hopeful that T and CJ will pick up on this and just move on.


I also recieved a nastygram, this type of behavior is disgusting. I have also seen several auctions when this person bid below the "buy is now" price with the minimum bid and never make another bid...I haven't figure that out yet but why cheat anyone who may want to buy the item?? I should add "buy it now" price for these items is alway very reasonable.
Another one of the ebay "dealers" contacted me after I mentioned in this forum that I had a box of new in the wrapper mini cassetes which he wanted to buy at a reasonable price. He indicated a "hobby" interest so he couldn't afford to pay much for the cassettes. What he didn't know is I had bought one of his items on ebay so I knew his email.....I don't mind someone acting as a dealer, they do help all of us out from time to time....I can't stand a crook or lier. Interesting enough this same dealer is autioning off mini cassettes right now...
The sad part of this type of behavior is even though is may be legal, we have no trust in ebay to police their sellers, they only care about the sale and getting their fee.


on another site i have put a "for trade" list of mostly off brand (non hp) calculators that i find while looking for rpn units. i have gotten a couple of inquiries from dealers. how do i know they are dealers? they always ask "how much for the hp XX?" when it is clearly named a for trade list.

i make it pretty plain that i am not in this to find things for them to overcharge someone else for. one didn't seem too nice but has an honest reputation. he said some interesting things in the notes we wrote back and forth.

according to him; it is mostly engineers and such that are willing to pay the crazy prices that we see. these are invaluable tools to them. he said the collectors usually don't pay more than they are worth. (whatever that is!) i will take his word about that; working people don't always have the time to shop and worry about pennies. this is probably more true about the 32, 42 & 41 and to a lesser extent the 11c, 15c & 16c than other units.

i still think that it is some peoples over collecting that has done more to both drive up the prices and make it hard for others to obtain a single example of a calculator that they are interested in. however, i concede there are many reasons (but probably not money laundering) and my glass case is one of them.

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