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I'm looking to upgrade my HP11C that I love; I want to have a second calculator for my office and keep the other one at home. I'm not looking to get a graphing calculator (they are too big and I won't use that feature). I'm looking for the calculator that has the most similar features (I don't ever write programs in the calculator but I do use a lot of the different scientific features). Is the 20C the most similar modern calculator (to the 11C) that you can find at stores; how come they don't list that calculator on their (HP's) site? Thanks for any help/advice.



Ben --

I think you mean "20S", not "20C", and it was discontinued a few months ago.

As far as the closest upgrade/equivalent to the 11C, that's easy -- the 15C! (discontinued 1989, but available for < $200 on eBay and other resellers.)

They look virtually identical, but the 15C adds matrix functions, *good* complex number support, solve (real rootfinder), numerical integration, more RAM (448 bytes vs. 210), and more programming resources (flags, tests, labels). The 15C has *everything* the 11C and old 34C have, and then some.

Another reasonable alternative is the recently-discontinued 32Sii, which is faster and has alphanumerics and other features, but lacks matrix functions and has pidgin complex-number functions.

Take a look on the MoHPC site.


there is nothing new being sold like you want right now. you can:

1) downgrade (for your use). buy a 12c and put one of the trig function programs that have been posted here in it. none are perfect but there are a couple that are very impressive very tight programming. the problem with them is that they need a couple of more steps than the 12c's memory has.

2) do what most of us are doing and wait till sometime in 2003 when hp will supposedly start marketing an rpn made by a company in taiwan. this may not be as bad as it sounds. good calcs have come out of singapore and indonesia.

3) grab your ankles and pay too much on ebay.

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