Sheet data importer for HP Prime


I am brand new to HP calculators, but I bought HP Prime now.
I have the following idea, please let me know your opinions and ideas, before I start programming that.

The idea of my PHP project is simple: read sheet from given PC file with PHPExcel library - supports wide range of sheet types (ODF, XLS, CSV, XLSX... convert sheet cells to HP Prime program, which returns value of cells as list.
RETURN {{A1,A2,...An},{B1,B2,...Bn}};

Program transfered to HP Prime will then be the datasource for another use.

further impovement - program will also include functions
IMPORTTOSHEET - writes the data to HP Prime Spreadsheet APP


That sounds good - and it would add versatility to both the Prime and the PC.



Contact me directly if you need any help (I am the HP guy who wrote the Prime spreadsheet)...



OK, the Prime scores points here, I doubt you'll get this kind of support with any other brand of calculator.


Indeed, the calculator dev teams from TI do not interact directly with users on TI community message boards, or even, AFAWCT from more than a decade of experience, read said message boards. I'm not aware Casio does differently.

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