HP calculator calendar 2014


Hi all, i've made a 2014 calendar from various photos from my collection .

It can be viewed and purchased HERE

Hope you enjoy - it was hard to decide what photos were 'in' and 'out' with only 12 months. I may do another that includes vintage pocket computers. Let me know if there are any that you would like to see included. Cheers, Keith


Keith my friend, I just ordered a calendar. Nothing nicer than going through 2014 looking at these beauties!! :-)


Namir (who can't seem to sleep)


Thanks Namir! I hope you like it! I have also ordered one - I will hang in my office. I only make a few dollars on each sale, so i'm not doing this to make money, just thought it would be a great way for HP calculator enthusiasts to enjoy these machines. Some rare prototypes, clear cases and one-off productions in this calendar, so it's certainly a bit different.


I should also add that each individual photo is available by going HERE

These make great postcards or gift cards - i've got a few of them and the quality is very good.


Hello Keith

Surprisingly, it seems that you miss the excellent CASIO fx-602P.

Is this intentional?

Kind regards.


Hi Jean-Michel (not Jean Michel Jarre?!),

No that is one that I don't have in my collection! It is an wonderful machine though. There are actually many calculators that I would like to have in the collection, but my focus has been on HP and Sharp so far. I guess that's what keeps collectors going - something to aim for.


Wouldn't be great if he WAS Jean-Michele Jarre????? I saw Jarre in his free concert at Monaco two years ago.



That would be awesome indeed!! Well it would make sense that Jean Michel Jarre would appreciate HP calculators - he only uses the best vintage synthesizers afterall! On that note, I wonder if you can program a 71B to play Oxygene Part II?


Jean-Michel is a very popular French name, as you know. Wikipedia alone has entries for about eighty such given names:


It doesn't matter whether Jean-Michel is in that list or not. Most importantly, he's a forum member, someone who appreciates HP calculators like us and has great 3D modelling skills, as you know:


Gerson (not on any list, not even in the phone directory of my city :-)


One of the first music cassettes I purchased as a child was "Magnetic Fields" by Jean Michel Jarre way back in about 1982. I still play the iTunes version often (Les Chants Magnetiques), so if there's a chance that it's that person (and i'm a realist, don't worry), then that is truly amazing!
And now that i've seen the 3D rendering of the HP-forum Jean Michel, i'm just as humbled. Great work indeed!


On said Casio calc are a number of keys with multiple functionality, like e.g. [9]. There's only one shift key, however. Alpha seems to be set by [INV][MODE]. Can anybody tell me how to reach shifted non-alpha functions like sigma_n-1, n, ), FIX, or pi? I tend to be confused by Casio keyboards.



Walter, you can find the fx-602p manuals here.


Merci bien, Didier!



I also find its older sibling the Casio FX-502 to be appealing with its yellow segmented LCD display, plus it has a place in musical history as it was used for some music synthesis featured in the Kraftwerk song Pocket Calculator from 1981.

If I could get hold of one I would like to have a Casio AI-1000 pocket computer where the built in language is LISP. I'm not sure how much one can do in 32k, but it has a 4 line display and LISP keywords printed on the keyboard which makes a nice change from BASIC. Trying to reimplement the Little Lisper book's examples on the machine would make a nice challenge for a long journey.



Very nicely done.

HP would be proud. This is an excellent homage to and sequel to the original one HP created back in '82.



Thank you Matt


You're welcome.

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