HP-70 Simulation for iPhone


The popular HP-70 simulation RPN-70 is now available for the iPhone. This is a fully functional simulation of HP's rare financial calculator from 1974.

RPN-70 SD is free. Available on Apple's App Store.

Check out cuveesoft.ch (at the bottom) for details.


This is really nice. It's the hardest to find Classic HP calculator. We've enjoyed the iPad version for some time, and now the same great calculator is available on iPhone/iPod Touch. Double tapping the display shows the register view, same as with the RPN-45 SD. I think fans of Classic HP's are going to love this!




Your HP-67 Pro app for he iPad is KING!! I got a new iPad Air and downloaded the HP-67 Pro (which I already purchased for an iPad 3). I spend some time downloading and installing various HP-67 Pacs and User Solution programs. It was time well spent. The whole thing is awesome!!!!

In a future release, can you allow the installation of multiple programs from a set of ZIP files? Loading an HP-67 Pac in one swoop is a very nice feature.


Edited: 17 Nov 2013, 7:14 a.m.

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