MS advert shows spreadsheet with obvious error


Thought you could all enjoy a bit of humour at Microsoft's expense!



I doubt if it is an error. It all depends on whether the cells are set up to be right hand justified. If so, then this is not an error.

The Cell "Car" is highlighted. If the 500 was keyed in and the enter key or arrow keys not pressed, then the cell would be highlighted, the number 500 would show, BUT the spreadsheet sum would NOT be updated until you exit the cell. I've just confirmed this with my copy of excel.

Note: to repeat this, you need to set the cells to right hand justification - otherwise the 500 in "car" would be left hand justified until you exit the cell.



However, format cells for currency and the currency sign only appears after the number is entered. As the $ sign is there, the number has been entered.


Oops, I missed the dollar sign was displayed.
Yep - with the currency sign showing, the number has been entered and it doesn't add up.

Thanks for pointing out what I had overlooked.


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