3D graphing planned for HP Prime


I found 3D variables in the MEM menu as you can see below :

Thus 3D graphing is well planned for HP Prime :)


Cinema for mice ...



I think mice are color blind. They also eat bugs.


The second feature is very welcome, isn't it? And who mentioned anything about 3D in colour?



3D graphing being planned on the Prime is no news, see for instance http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php?topic=17144.msg309483#msg309483 .

IIRC, it was already mentioned on this (MoHPC) board as well, but it's easier to search in other places than here (and links usually remain valid for longer periods of time)...

Aussi, pour info, "is well planned" est une traduction trop littérale de "est (bel et) bien prévue". "is really planned" ou "is definitely planned" seraient de meilleures traductions.


I believe you installed Han's 3D grapher. The exported variables from that would show up in there like that.


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