My FrankenCulator (wp-34s)


Ahahah :) Just finished flashing my WP 34S with long dangling wires and I feel like some kind of Evil genius. I can't wait to see the face of my teachers during exams when they will see this beast...

I still need to print a paper overlay but still I wanted to show it to you. (I have to find a place for those wires also...)

Here you can see the wild FrankenCulator Attacking a poor passing by banana

Just wanted to share! Have a nice day.

Also I would like to thank all of those who answered by questions concerning the wp-34s AND the developpers.


Edited: 9 Nov 2013, 2:26 p.m.


Good to hear you have managed to flash it. What did you end up using? FTDI?


Yes, I used a ftdi usb to uart module borrowed from the university labs. It worked like a charm using procedure B from the manual. I decided to solder the wires to be sure I had a good connection for programming.

Concerning the wires, I cut them a little and soldered them to a header sticking out of the calculator.


Bonjour Pascal,

Here you can see the wild FrankenCulator Attacking a poor passing by banana

:-) Yeah, always focus on the victim!



Well the back of the calculator is not that interesting I wanted to emphasys on the action !

The wires are just soldered directly on the connector and I ripped off the plastic around it.

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