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Does anyone know the history of the HP 42S owner's manual? It must have converted from spiral bound to hard bound at some point. I was cleaning out some stuff and realized that I have two owner's manuals for my 42S. One is spiral bound and the other is hard bound (soft cover but bound like a paper back book). One was printed 6/88 (spiral) and the other 3/94. Quite frankly, I am not sure where I got the second one. Was there ever a promotion that provided a spiral manual if you registered the calc or something similar???


The spiral bounds where provided early on, with US production and early Singapore units. All of the older Pioneer machines have the spiral bound version of manuals (14b,22s,27s to name a few).

My newest 42S spiral bound copy was printed 3/90 and my oldest paperback was printed 8/91. So somewhere in between those dates, HP changed over to the lousy paperback format. Doesn't lay flat, the pages fall out due to the glue failing, etc. I have compared the original issue with issue 7 and found no substantial changes. They added some notes on the TVM program, but that's about all I could find of interest.


Randy, one thing I would also like to add is that on page 3 of my spiral bound manual [edition 4] under the heading Hewlett Packard Quality, point 3 is "The calculator and it's manual has been designed and tested for ease of use. We have selected spiral binding to let the manual stay open to any page, and we added many examples to hightlight the varied uses of this calculator"

In my paperback manual [edition 7], it just says "The calculator and it's manual has been designed and tested for ease of use. We added many examples to hightlight the varied uses of this calculator"


My 42S spiral bound Manual ( I am still looking for a calculator to match!) is Edition 4 March 1990, printed 3/90.

And , yes, HP boast about their quality spiral binding on page 3! So I am keeping it in case the calc I find has a paperback glued version, or none.

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