OT--Found!!! An HP reference on 'The Big Bang Theory'


Hello all.

A few months ago, I asked this group if there were any RPN references on 'The Big Bang Theory.' Well, today, as I was watching the ep. 'The Holographic Excitation,' I caught a reference I consider just as good.

In that ep., Sheldon & Amy are attempting to figure out which couple they could dress up as for Raj's Halloween party. In one scene, there is a list on a whiteboard of duo candidates. Near the beginning of the list is text that reads 'Hewlett & Packard.'

It's a quick camera shot, but I managed to catch it.

Not an RPN reference but, just as rewarding.

BBT: The Holographic Excitation

Edited: 8 Nov 2013, 10:26 p.m.

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