10bii Financial Calculator is on launch sale - 0.99$ only


Hi all,

Vicinno just released its 10bii Financial Calculator for iPhone and iPad on app store, and sells it on 0.99$ only for launch sale. The price will go back soon. Check it out here:

10bii Financial Calculator on app store

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also feel free to request some new features here or email us at support@vicinno.com. We are glad to hear back from you.



Thanks, John!

I've some minor issues with the app on my elderly iPod (IOS 5.1.1, hardware MC008FD):

When I quit the app (double click on Home, then tap the red minus) it looses its memory and settings. (Edit: This also true on my IOS 9 iPad mini.)

The initial display (the complete skin, including keys and display area) is shifted some 10 pixels in the direction of the top of screen. I need to tap (i) and return to the app to fix this. The offset is most probably exactly the hight of the status line. The latter overlays part of the display area.

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I had hoped it was the 10bII+

I'll pass on the 10bII. My 2 cents.



Is there any way Vicinno would consider making any emulators for HP's Spice Series? Currently nobody makes iOS emulators for that series, which HP made between 1978 and 1983, all LED models. The model numbers were:
HP-31E, 32E, 33C & 34C Scientific and 37E & 38C Financial. There are some available for Android, but none for iOS.


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