9014B Sony Part Number Compatibility


I picked up a surplus 9122C with the intent to use one of the drives to replace a non functioning one in my 9014B. However, the Sony part numbers are different and it doesn't appear to be compatible.

9014B drive PN = MP-F52W-50
9122C drive PN = MP-F73W-50

If anyone has had a successful experience swapping these PNs, I'd like to know. They look identical. It may be that there is something else wrong with the 9014B preventing it from working.

I've read that the 9122D may be equipped with the F73W drive.

The initial behavior of the 9014B is this: with a brand new battery, the only thing that happens when it is switched on is the 3 battery LEDs and the TEST LED light. Nothing happens after that. The drive LED does not light nor does the unit start it's test cycle.

When I put the F52W drive into the 9122C, the LED does light. If I insert a disk, it spins. Based upon my crude diagnostics here, it appears the board in the 9014B may have issues.

Edited: 8 Nov 2013, 6:31 a.m.

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