How do I decompose a list with the HP Prime.


Hi guys.

Been a while since I've posted here...hope everyone is doing well.
One quick question if I may: how does one de-compose a list with the HP Prime. (on the 50G this would be the OBJ-> command.) I'm looking to put the elements into separate stack levels on the home screen in RPN mode.

Thanks, Hal


I have a similar question. I want to assign the list contents to separate variables of the same type.


Access is direct, by calling the index as the argument.

So, { . . . } (1)


{ . . . } (2) etc.

Good luck!


There is no way to return more than one value to the RPN stack in one go, at least not with the built-in programming language.


You have not command to play with RPN stack.

Your function can only take parameters from stack and give 1 answer.

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