HP Prime - EEX/X/Toolbox-key suggestions


In my opinion the toolbox-key and the x-t-Phi-n-key are central keys in HP Prime. They should be nearer on the number field. The EEX-key as a primary key is a dissipation. It is sufficient for shift-key. So my suggestions:

1. Switch the toolbox-key to the EEX-key.

2. Switch the x-t-Phi-n-key to the ON-key, because the ON-key is only used one time in every calculator-usage.

3. The ON-key could switch to the VARS-key, because the VARS-key as a primary key is also a dissipation.

Last but not least: In my opinion, there should be no letters on the operation-keys (+ - * /) so that i can imput longer Variables and operations fluently.

I hope, anybody understand my bad english :-))


The On key is also a super Esc that can abort a program that run endlessly.


So what? And therefore can the ON-Key not switch on the VARS-place?

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