WP-34s ISP (flashing cable) again ;(


Hi, I am a new user and would like to gain a WP-34s. What is the status q on flashing the custom firmware?

- I thought I give this device a try which I haven't bought yet: http://www.ethernut.de/en/hardware/turtelizer/index.html

does anybody have had success with this programmer?

- another commercial one available in Europe?

- I read the page on building an ISP cable but really need more information on the custom PCB, which I need? Who can provide one, if really needed, in Europe?

- Last question on the overlay. How can I get hold of a vinyl overlay in Europe?




Hallo Bernhard,

m.E. bist du drauf und dran, mit Kanonen auf Spatzen zu schiessen. Bitte schau' dir mal das Manual an (siehe die Links auf http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/). Seite 2 zeigt unten verschiedene Wege, wie du zu deinem WP 34S kommst. Bitte einfach mal lesen.


(For our unilingual readers: Recommended looking into the manual.)


You have multiple tongues ?


In a way ...



(For our unilingual readers: Recommended looking into the manual.)

Wieso, unilingual? I think you mean "readers who don't speak German".


I think you mean "readers who don't speak German".




I may just be a knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing 'merican in Walter's eyes -- but I do speak two languages.



Wieso, unilingual? I think you mean "readers who don't speak German".

Voçe pensem, Gerson, mais o seu pensamento não e vero - perdão. I meant readers who just speak English. It's my usual translation service for them.


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You will not need a programmer (which can only access the device through a yet to be soldered JTAG connector) for flashing the chip because it contains a serial port and some base firmware in ROM for the purpose.

If you can't get hold of a serial programming cable I can flash the device for you. Later updates can then be made through Harald Pott's USB board.


Yeah, Harald's board is one of the best objects you can put into a WP 34S!



Thanks :)


Thanks for answering!

I consider sending my 30b to you marcus and also doing the usb mod myself after that.

- where could I get the serial cable? is it the hp one I am looking for?
- are there other serial cables capable?
- is there a diy way for the cable before the diy usb mod?
- how does it flash the first time? (bootloader mentioned - new bootloader after first flash?)

- from which continent do the overlays come from?
- anyone interested in a bulk order?




Once more: RTFM!



To make a long story short:

The ATMEL chip has a boot loader in ROM which is activated by a bit in flash. With the original firmware running the boot loader can only be activated by a complete flash erase. This is available through shorting two pins on the programming connector. WP 34S contains a keyboard command to switch to boot mode for re-flashing the device.

Software to download a new firmware to the device through the serial port is available on our SF site. I'm using the Windows "MySamba" program for this, an adaption of code originally provided by HP. A team member has ported the software to various operating systems.


Hi Bernhard,

I didn't spot this before replying to your email. Once you have my board installed, you don't really need to send the calculator to marcus for first time flashing. All that is missing from my board is the erase button (the calculator comes with a reset button). The erase button IS needed for first time programming, but you can simply short out the two pads on the connector. Since this is only required once, it is not really a big problem in my opinion.



I've just ordered an outboard cable from Harald and am about (shortly) to program 3 machines that I bought last year.
The HP30 I'm keeping for myself.
The other two (HP20's new and unused)I will be selling on to get rid (programmed up of course, complete with the keyboard overlay fitted)

If you're interested send me a message... otherwise it was no problem to get the overlays direct from the states ($6 each delivery free for a single, $5 each for more than 1) and Harald was excellent in supplying the board.
I would also offer to program your calc if you've already bought one.
I'm in the UK

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thanks you for your offer mike - appreciated!

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