[HP-Prime - Geometry App] What is wrong with this ?



I'm trying to draw a circle circumscribed to a triangle (manually, not by using the pre-programmed function)

Here is the content of the SYMB view (on the real calc):












GN:=circle(GL,GA-GL) --> that line does not draw anything

Not only it does not work in PLOT view, but also in SYMB view. I can draw any circle involving whatever vertices of the triangle, but not any involving the INTERsection point L, whatever it would be the center or a point of the curve.

Help much appreciated

Kind regards.


the command inter() does not return a point, it returns a vector of points, try better single_inter.



Many thanks Edwin.

Too bad this instruction was deeply hidden in the User's Guide. My fault not having read it thoroughly enough.

Kind regards.

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