Line number in Prime program listings


I know this might be old fashioned,but is it possible or possible in the future to have line numbers in program listings?
I use TRUE-BASIC, and it has the possibility to turn this feature on and off.
It sure makes debugging a program much easier.
I also know that GOTO statements are also frowned upon in programming circles too,but still.
It is really hard to find an errors' location with no line numbers.
Another idea,since we now have a color screen,why not highlight the syntax error in yellow.


Agreed! I spent SOME time trying to chase down "Error in line 113". What the heck is line 113? Or does the Prime have THIS feature too and I am unaware of it? Still using the emulator until funds arrive for the Hard copy. AND, we can all write w/o a goto, even if it is available, right?


Agreed! I spent SOME time trying to chase down "Error in line 113"

You got this message when you get out of program editor.

Just go back in program editor and Check (F5) the cursor move to the line with an error.


Thanks again. If I keep playing with this emulator, I will be a pro when the hardware gets here!

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