has anyone had an ad deleted by someone else?


just had an ad deleted by someone else on the classified
board; anyone else have this happen?



the adds are not protected against this. You will receive an e-mail from the museum with the IP address of the computer from where the deletion occured. It alos helps Dave to get rid of nosy guys who post whatever they want in there. I deleted two off-topic posts in there, and nobody complained (someone even felt relieved). I ensure I did not erase yours. I just want to tell it is possible and easy.

Simply post it again. I know this is not fair, but it allows anyone interested on buying what you offered in a particular basis. If the one is a serious buyer, he/she will contact you with a fair proposition. If you decline, post again.

It's good practice to keep a copy of the text in a TXT format.



But I don't think anyone should be deleting other people's ads. That seems inappropriate.

Perhaps Dave does not mind; I don't know. Certainly it is possible but that should not be taken as approval to do so. If Dave thinks this is a good idea, he should mention in the header that anyone has permission to delete inappropriate ads, as a warning to seller.

Say someone has two different 41CXs and posts two different ads, do you believe you have the right to delete one because of this, "Please do not post ads for the same items or services more frequently than once per week."

Some may interpret that to mean you could.

I think it's best left to Dave unless he states that anyone may delete inappropriate ads.

Just my take on this.


The reason for the low security is that so many people forgot their passwords.

If you see an outright SPAM like "Home Typists Wanted" "Make Money Fast!" or "What's His Name Is Taking Over the Internet" then I don't mind anyone deleting such a thing before I happen to notice it.

If you think there's a problem of any other sort, please report it to me rather than taking action yourself.


I leave adds up after I have responded to them in case someone else wants to reply. If a second person responds to the add through a faster connection or with a better offer, I feel that's my problem. I am grateful enough to sellers who use this forum (rather than the dreaded you-know-what) that I always try to give them the benefit of our bargain.



as you, me and many others in here (I'd say all of us in here, but...) are serious people, there is no need for this. Confidence is probably the word that lead Dave to allow this all. I am sure none of the regular contributors in here would do that. I once read two inappropriate adds at the classified and I removed them. My IP was sent to the one who posted them, and I received no complains. They were not correct adds.

But I agree with you: I should not have done that, but I would never delete a serious add. And I'm pleading guilty, because I have already done it.

When I first get into the Museum's sites, I posted and renewed the same add about four/five times a day. Dave previously sent me an e-mail explaining the "rules": avoid applying the same add for more than two times a week. I just erased the old one and post it again, so it was always in the top! Suddenly, my add began to disappear and I complained. Dave once again explained to me and I could finally understand, it was a matter of interpretation: in my readings, the posts would be more efficient if renewed constantly. And I did it. Four times a day. Till they were smashed out of the Classified Adds page.

I felt a lot ashamed for that, and I apologized for what I'd done. I think time took care of showing I am a serious contributor.

If I post an add at the Classified Adds and receive a message it was removed, I'll post it again. If it happens every time I post it, I'll ask Dave to help me keeping it there. For sure if there is someone removing my posts, he does not deserve my worries.

When we are confident with the group, the outsiders are still out there.

Just my thoughts. I'd not worry about that.

Best regards.


and i'm trying to find out if a person who contacted me regarding purchasing it actually deleted it "for me"; it has
never happened before, i've kept the IP address that returned on the MoHPC "ad deletion", it's not mine.

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