If you are well versed at programming the 41 and a pocket PC this is for you


Wanted to run this by you guys.

In the recent developement of Land Surveying data collection the powers that be (except for one) have decided to EXCLUDE a much needed program that many Surveyors use. It is the celestial observation program in which we use either the Sun or select stars along with latitude, longitude and precise time to obtain direction (i.e. bearing or azimuth) with regard to Astronomic North.
Many many years ago the firm of Elgin Knowles and Senne Inc. published the program to perform this operation for the 41. Since then they have included the 42 and 48 calculator programs in their yearly ephemerides.
Yet for some reason it hasn't made it to the pocket PC format as far as I know--other than the one company. So here is your chance. If you can develop this program to become a stand alone application on a pocket PC, the $$$$$ may be very lucrative.


Hi, Dave;

I sent you an e-mail and received this:


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I thought about posting the e-mail contents, but I'll wait for your reply in my e-mail address, if you may.

Thank you.


There are nice HP41 and HP48 emulators for the PocketPC, (and IMHO any "seriuos" PocketPC user should have one of them resident permanently on such PDA); perhaps the interest on a native version is reduced because of this fact.

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